The Wild Booth

Minneapolis Photo Booth

The Minneapolis Wild side includes...

All the Backdrops

We have the hottest collection of sparkly backdrops in Minneapolis.

Unmatched Image Quality

The files from the Wild Booth are good enough to frame.  Don’t believe us?

Mad Props

From fun signs to a constantly revolving collection of animal heads (that last bit felt weird typing), we got you covered.

Fast and FREE Downloads

Free high-resolution downloads within 24 hours of the conclusion of your event.

Custom Print Designs

Does your event feature an underwater basket-weaving sloth riding a unicycle with Spongebob?

We can match the print design to reflect that.

Wide Open Spaces

Because of its open air design, the Wild Booth is perfect for one, two, or 22 people.

Large enough for entire wedding parties, family bands, and the Duggars.