See our backdrops in action

From weddings and corporate events to birthday parties and fundraisers, the Wild Booth has a backdrop to fit your event.

Our most popular backdrop, gold sequins work just about anywhere. Weddings, corporate and holiday parties, fundraisers. You name it and our gold sequins will deliver.

This backdrop is perfect for those of you who can’t decide between the black or gold sequins. Why not have them both?

The shimmer of our iridescent backdrops is unlike any other in our collection. This one goes the extra mile to stand out in a crowd.

The black sequin is as timeless as it gets. Perfect for weddings, corporate events, gatsby-themed parties, you name it, the black sequin just fits.

Another really popular pick, the silver sequin is the perfect holiday party backdrop and is a flawless fit for your gatsby-themed event as well. Heck, it even works at weddings and just about any event you could imagine.

Similar to our black and gold mermaid sequin, our white and gold mermaid sequin switches from white sequins to gold sequins with the brush of a hand. Have it all gold, all white or a little bit of both. It’s up to you!

NEW, our blue sequin backdrop is perfect for those events where you need to channel that Lake Superior vibe or just want something a little different.