The Wild Booth

Read about what makes the Wild Booth so great, see it in action and learn why it would be the perfect addition to your wedding or event!!

The Wild Booth is a fresh, modern take on the old school photo booth. Forget about the days of the cramped photo booth where you could fit one, maybe two, of your best friends in a photo. With the Wild Booth’s open air design, you can do that and invite the entire family, wedding party, office or just use all that extra space for yourself.


While breaking the chains of cramped space is one of the best things about the Wild Booth, there is so much more to be excited about. Here are just a few of those things!

  • Super fast turnaround. Your photos will be online and available to download within 48 hours and almost always within 24.
  • Get Social! If you are the instant gratification type and need your digital Wild Booth file now then we have you covered. Add on a social media kiosk that will allow you to email your photos right from the event.
  • Prints! We are about much more than just digital. While digital files are nice and flexible, there is something about holding a physical print in your hand. Again, we have you covered! We can print 4×6 and 2×6 strips as well as 5x7s. Want one picture on your print or three? It’s up to you! You also won’t have to wait around for your prints. After approving a picture for printing, it will be ready to walk away with in 20 seconds.
  • Custom graphics! If you’re a company, your brand is everything. Almost everything about the Wild Booth can be customized to fit your brand from the onscreen graphics to the prints your guests will receive, we can create a brand-specific experience just for you. The same if you’re getting married. We can create graphics that speak to you and your significant other right down to the color theme and more.
  • So many backdrops. Our work to create a personal Wild Booth experience goes beyond graphics and digital files to our high-end, diverse collection of backdrops. Our collection of sequined backdrops are attractive, eye-catching and come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can check them out here!!
  • Custom backdrops. If one of our backdrops doesn’t fit what you are looking for, we have access to a wide range of backdrop dealers that we are confident can provide a fit for your event. If you would like something that is entirely unique that involves printing, we can definitely work with you to get a backdrop that meets your needs.
  • Onsite Support. Someone will be there to setup and breakdown the Wild Booth and answer any questions about how it works. Our attendants will do their best to get a steady flow of people to experience the Wild Booth. In our experience, once people see others getting their picture taken, the word spreads like wildfire.
  • Live view. You can see what your photo will look like before the picture is taken. An onscreen countdown makes sure you are ready and if you are getting prints, you have the option to approve the final print or nix it and try again.
  • Professional image quality, studio lighting. The Wild Booth employs professional studio lighting and a top-of-the-line printer to ensure that your prints and digital files are of exceptional quality.
  • Unlimited Prints. You heard that right. If you select a print option, you will be able to print as many pictures as you want during the time the Wild Booth is at your event. Grab one for everyone in the family!
  • Props! We have a growing collection of props with a special affinity for horse head and animal head masks. Beyond animal heads, we have a varied collection of hats, glasses, swords, frames and more. You are welcome to bring your own to your event or select the props option for your event.
  • Compact elegance. The Wild Booth is not clunky and does not have a large foot print. That means we can almost always find a space for it. An ideal space would be a room with ceilings at least 10 feet tall with a space that is 12 feet wide and ten feet deep. We’ll work with you or your event planner to find the perfect combination of space and location to maximize the wildness.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of why we think the Wild Booth would be a great addition to your event. Please check out the FAQ page if you have any other questions.

If you’re wondering who is behind the Wild Booth, it was started by Derek Montgomery,  a wedding and editorial photographer based in Duluth, Minn. He spent a majority of his weekends during the year at weddings.

In July of 2021, Derek passed the reins of the Wild Booth to Aaron Abramson, the owner and operator of Pro Sound & Light Show and Photo Active Events.  Aaron too spends the majority of his weekends during the year at weddings and is familiar with all the major venues in northern Minnesota.

Derek Montgomery, Creator of the Wild Booth

We are happy to use our time as an experienced wedding vendor to bring an additional level of awesome to your wedding, event or celebration.

We have a growing team that is involved in making the Wild Booth what it is.

So if you see us at a wedding or event, be sure to stop by and say hello!

Here are a few pictures of the Wild Booth in action at events over the past couple years.