The Wild Booth crashes Fuse Fest 2019


The Wild Booth was back for the fourth straight year to help Fuse Duluth celebrate another year helping young professionals connect with other local professionals in Duluth. Congrats to Fuse Duluth on an amazing 14 years bringing the Duluth business community closer together.  And man, you really make that brand new blue sequin backdrop look legit.

Speaking of that backdrop… this was the first time we put the new blue sequin backdrop into use and I’m instantly in love with it.  Going to drop some photo booth nerdom on y’all, but I’m always browsing photo booth networking and support groups and it’s pretty rare that I’ll see a new backdrop and be like “ummmm we need to get that one.”  This backdrop was one of those cases.  I feel like it’s a perfect addition to our collection of premium backdrops.

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