Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions? We got answers.

How much do your packages cost and what's included?

What happens to all these photos after the event?

We go through all the files and remove any that are unflattering or contain nudity. Most events see 99% of the photos make it to the online gallery. You can then find them by going here .

Can you customize the prints to match my event's theme, style or message?

Definitely! Every event that has a print option will feature a customized print design. We will work with you to match the print's look so that it meshes seamlessly with every aspect of your day. If you work for an organization and would like a logo or specific graphic incorporated, we ask that you provide a high-resolution file, preferably in PNG format. If you need specifics on the file requirements, don't hesitate to contact us for more details.


Interested in seeing some of our custom designs? Click here!

Speaking of prints, are they included?

Since we don't have set packages, prints can be added to any Wild Booth experience for $250. If you add the print option, we will make sure that everyone getting their picture taken in a Wild Booth session leaves with a print.

What size are the prints?

Standard is 2x6 and 4x6. You can even go wild and upgrade the size to 5x7 if that's what you want.

How can guests view and share photos?

Within 48 hours after an event, photos will be uploaded to an online gallery where guests can download images for FREE. At the event, an attendant will be handing out business cards with information on the back telling guests where they can download their photos.

How many people can fit inside the booth?

Trick question? While we call it the Wild Booth, it's not actually a booth. It's what they call an open air booth. The nice thing about our booth is you are not limited to the two or three people like a standard booth. We've had over two dozen people fit into a single photo. This isn't your grandma's photo booth. See below for a few examples of pictures of groups gone wild.

Will there be someone there taking care of the Wild Booth?

Yes. Each event comes with a knowledgeable booth attendant who can handle any issues that arise with the system and who is skilled at bringing your guests into the booth.

How much space does the Wild Booth require?

Good question! An ideal amount of space would be something that is 12 feet wide and 10 feet deep along with enough room for a table for props. The Wild Booth sits about six to eight feet out from the backdrop.

Do you provide props? If so, what kind of props?

For $30, we will bring our collection of props to your event. Standard at each event are various animal masks and heads, signs, metal glasses and mustaches on sticks and more.

Will the Wild Booth work outside?

Yes, but there are some things to keep in mind. We require that it be protected from the elements. It does not take much wind to tip the system and backdrops we offer. As such, protection from all the elements is required--wind, rain and a wet ground at a minimum.

How long will you be at my event?

Our packages start at three hours and there is no limit to how long we can be at an event. If you would like the Wild Booth onsite for more than six hours, contact us for a custom quote.

Where should we set up the Wild Booth?

For weddings, the Wild Booth should be setup somewhere near the dance floor or in the same room as the reception. It's best to avoid congested areas such as near the bar or right next to the dance floor. Having it setup in the same room will have a positive impact on how many pictures are taken and how often the Wild Booth is visited. It would be ideal to setup the backdrop against a wall and near a power source. We will always work with you to find the best place for the Wild Booth so it's visible and your guests maximize their time going wild.

Can you provide custom backdrops?

Yes! We can have a logo or any graphic printed onto a backdrop to match your event. Because these are custom jobs, please contact us for more details on costs, size and more.